Windows 8 Support

Whats the chance of windows 8 and cubase 6 working together? Will there be support for this? I am curious and would like to grab the beta windows 8.

I am having a stab here and say that as far as no major redesigns,kernel changes etc within win 8, I see no real reason that they wouldnt work together, i grabbed the RTM version of Win 7 & had my most pleasurable experience EVER in using Cubase (5) with the beta of win 7…12 full months without 1 crash!..then i bought Win 7 Ultimate 64, and have had minor headaches ever since!..(I have installed and reinstalled win 7 ult 4 times ,and every install I feel is a little unstable here & there…but the rtm version was rock solid for a full year with not one glitch at all in that time…go figure eh! :laughing:

Grab/Install then tell us how you get on please! :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ll only officially support it when it’s released and tested, but it’s worth a shot surely :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the following blog post and performance increases in sonar. It seems good enough to really do an upgrade. BUt first I would like to know if people are already succesfully running cubase 6.5 on a windows 8 test platform.

I did a quick install the other week and on first testing it all ran fine, all my ilok /syncrosoft and waves work great.
all x64 versions,running very smoothly :slight_smile:

the only reason not to give it a go is having to re install everything again when the final release is out as you can’t upgrade the beta.



It appears Cubase 5 is Win 8 Preview compatible.
So once the RTM is out (end of august for Technet and MSDN) we could recheck.
Since I have a msdn account I will be installing rtm in sepetember and will post my experience here.

(Cubase 6.5 Artist x64)

Dear all,

I have installed Windows 8 x64 Enterprise RTM (I work at a MS Gold Partner, so I have the official software).
I also installed Cubase Artist 6.5 (upgraded in August from Cubase 5 AI) including the 6.5.4 update and only the 32 bit version (as my plugins mainly are 32 bit).
It works like a charm! Also the elicenser works excellent.
My install path:
Cubase Artist 6.0 32 bit (dvd) + vst’s and halion + soundbanks
Cubase Artist 6.5 Upgrade 32 bit (Obtained from steinberg ftp)
Cubase Artist 6.5.4 Update 32 bit (Obtained from steinberg ftp)
Downloaded and installed the last available elicenser software.

The only thing I do not yet have, are all the proper drivers for my hardware. I currently use the MS drivers, which are included in WIN 8 mainly. However everything works, is faster (well feel faster) than on Win 7.
Even the Yamaha MOX6 drivers for win 7 (1.6.3) work excellent.

I did a clean install, so when upgrading, this may all be different.

yes I think a clean install always feel faster even it’s with the same OS :smiley: