Windows Copilot AI & DAW questions

Windows just applied an update and with it came a preview of their new (?) AI helper, Copilot. So I decided to see how it did with some Cubase questions.

I’d just read this post and didn’t know what the symbol means (but of course Martin did). Since Copilot can use images in the prompt this seemed like a good test.

While Copilot totally misidentified the symbol as indicating Musical Mode, everything it said about Musical Mode was correct. Clicking on the circled link took me to a post on this forum where it got the info and presumably mistook the symbol.

When ChatGPT first became available I asked it to write an LE Preset. After a bunch of iterations & corrections it finely got one that worked. Copilot nailed it from the start. And when I look at its first “Learn more” link that goes to my ChatGPT post.

ChatGPT answers some Cubase questions - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums

So I asked it to build this preset

The first attempt wasn’t quite what I was looking for. But I realized the prompt I’d given it was ambiguous and it had correctly answered one interpretation of the question.

Changing the prompt to be more specific produced the expected results

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Wow! Good to know

Hi Raino
Great experiment , I think this is the future ,at some point all DAW’s developers including Steinberg should incorporate AI ( the cellphone manufacturers are doing this now ) My only worry is that one morning when I go to my basement studio and turn all that machinery on I might hear cool voice of Hal 9000 …
"*Sorry Dave I deleted all you files , your recordings were bad * " LOL :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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I re-watched 2001 just before the AI ‘boom’ started, and I often do hear their responses in HAL’s voice.