Windows Cursor Disappears when SpectraLayers Window has focus

I just fired up SpectraLayers version 8.0.20 standalone for the first time and whenever the SL Window has focus the Windows Cursor vanishes when it is over the SL Window. SL seems aware of the Cursor’s position since randomly moving it around will, for example, highlight menus it passes over. Anywhere outside the SL Window (desktop, browser, etc.) the cursor shows normally. Also if anything else has focus then the cursor will display normally as it passes over the SL Window. But if I then click anywhere in the SL Window the cursor disappears.

Kind of a showstopper at the moment

Latest version of Windows 10
Not using HiDPI

Just checked and using SpectraLayers in Cubase with ARA the cursor displays as expected

OK, I think I figured this out and it does seem to be bug-ish.

My DAW has 4 monitors all the same resolution.

  • If I run SpectraLayers with the Window maxed on my primary monitor it behaves properly
  • If I run SpectraLayers with the Window maxed on any other monitor the cursor vanishes as described above
  • If I run SpectraLayers with the Window non-maxed on any monitor it behaves properly

Could someone please confirm this behavior. Thanks.

Hi @raino SpectraLayers OpenGL management was significantly improved for multimonitor configuration in version 9 (which is just around the corner), it’s likely that issue will be gone then.

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thanks for the info

I have a few differences. I have 4 monitors, but the 4th is a touch drawing screen that mimics my main monitor. So essentially, I have 3 monitors. And I have Win11.
I have no issues with the cursor on any of the monitors with SL 8 pro full screen. All monitors are the same resolution. I have had this setup for a while, and when I did have WIN 10, I had no cursor issues with SL Pro 8 full screen. Sorry. I am not much help here.

WIn10 here so that could be a factor. As a workaround I resized the Window so it is just a tiny bit smaller than maximized. And SL9 got announce today, so hopefully…

On the other hand one of my middle monitors decided to die today - couldn’t even be one on the outside.

What things do you find most useful to do on the touch screen?

If you have a pressure-sensitive pen that goes with it, support has been much improved in SL9 as well. Meaning you can use pressure to modulate tools such as the Eraser, Amplifier, Clone Stamp, Noise Spray, and others.

Good work around for now!
Currently I have only been using the Huion drawing pad for my digital art with Corel painter. I had tried it a few years ago for music editing, but found my workflow did better with a mouse.

Although with Robin’s response below is interesting , and once SL 9 comes out I will give it another shot. I will post what my experience is.

Thanks! When SL9 comes out, i will try this out.

I have been playing with this for a few days. Using the drawing pad, I find that selecting multiple areas for finer details is a little easier than with just a mouse. I do find that I have to tap once, then again and hold on the screen, then move the cursor selects an area. So If i had a project where I was trying to remove/replace specific instances of something, then the drawing pad may coming in handy. More to come!

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