Windows defender removing VST Live

Windows Defender has decided that the VST Live.exe file contains the Trojan: Script/Wacatac.b!ml and placed in quarantine. It has done this both with the 1.2.3 and 1.2.5 pre-release builds. I’ve checked it out with another virus scanner (ESET) and that reports no thread detected.

I’m almost certain this is a false positive. Not sure if any other Windows 11 users are reporting similar. If they do, you may wish to contact Microsoft to see what is making Windows Defender so twitchy.

… thank you very much, @ibarch. We’ll analyse it. Any other users around with the same problems?


my win11 allows updating/running w.o. any extra effort.

Win11 too, no such problems

Win 11 :

I was using VST Live besides Defender until May 2023.
Defender did not treat VST Live as a virus but caused high CPU usage (follow up audio dropouts and poor performance).

Since I moved to Avast Free Antivirus these problems are gone.

We use more than 10 Windows systems (Win 10 and 11) with VST Live, and none has ever produced any problems because of Windows Defender ever since it was released. If you experience such behaviour, it must be releated to something else (background service?) getting in the way. In fact, if any, the opposite is true, some “Virus Protection” programs dig very deep into the system, and not always for good.

same here, I had to exclude the folder in Windows 10.

Hi @diegoalejo15 and @ibarch,

your windows systems are up-to-date? All updates are installed? Just be sure, because we need to contact Microsoft and they will ask if the customers have all updates installed.

Thank you,

yes sure, Windows 10 up to date.

Yes, my Windows is fully upto date.

There was a bug causing high CPU usage but this is fixed in v1. 2.3 and above.

Same issue for me, Windows Defender raise Trojan alert and kill VST Live.