Windows Dorico Install sound data on C: impossible to indica

Hello !! i’m new user of dorico, I use Sibelius almost every day …

I have a SSD hard disk (60 G) on *C:* and i install all my programm on a another hard disk E:\program File
I don’t have enough space on C: for installing Dorico with Halion and Symphonic Orchestra but i have many space on E:

But even you choose another disk for installing dorico, the install use C:\programData for all sound data instead of E:\programData, It is impossible to indicate another location.

is it possible to use a workaround for this problem ?

Try completely uninstalling Dorico, HALion Sonic SE 2, HALion Symphonic Orchestra, and so on from the Programs and Features section of Control Panel. Then run the installer again, and keep an eye out for the point at which you can choose the installation location of the various components: you can choose the installation location, but it’s easy to miss that step.

I had chosen the good location for Dorico, but I think it’s because i have Cubase on C: and the install got update my sound library
I managed to win lot of space on my hard disk C:, so i re-install, and now it’s working fine

Thank a lot Daniel !!!