Windows "Game mode"

Hi all,

I was just reading about the Win 10 update, and Game mode.

Now I am not a 'puter geek, but it seems to me that it might improve some programmes and I am thinking that maybe Cubase could benefit?

Has anyone from Steiny any knowledge of this? I will be updating Win 10 tomorrow so I will let the forum know if there is good or bad news!!

Cheers all,

Jim B

I have already used it in the past to record the screen of my mixer and project page for use in some videos I made of my music. If you hit (Windows+G, I think) while Cubase is open, it will ask you if Cubase is a game. Just say yes and it will let you record. Unfortunately, I have NOT figured out how to get the audio to record since Cubase is using the ASIO driver but it is not big deal. The audio would just help to sync the video to the exported audio from Cubase.

Also, if your plug-ins have a “full screen” mode you may be able to record that as well.


Thanks JL,

I’ll have a go later.

Jim B

I had a similair thread a while back. Creators update windows 10 - Game / DAW Mode? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

It did not strike a chord with the other users. It fell on deaf ears, so to speak. But the idea to use the game mode is great and there should be some potential in it.

Haven’t tried yet, but my hope would be that it reduces the CPU load, thus making Cubase run smoothly.

It’s not that I am having any troubles in that area
, CP9 runs like a dream for me, it’s just that I read about lot of forum posters that seem to be having issues, and this might just help those people.

As I said, I will be trying it later so I’ll report my findings.

Jim B

By looking at the feature, I don’t think anything happens unless there is a game running which supports it. IE: it won’t do anything if a DAW is running.
What it needs is a feature to add a user defined application to the list of applications/games that it will recognize. Similar to how anti-virus programs let you control various features when you don’t want them in conjunction with specific applications.

My understanding is it improves windows universal apps quite a lot but has little effect on native win32 applications

It’s interesting. Though games don’t require DWM (Aero) running but Cubase does.

It degrades Sonar’s performance, I wonder if cubase would have same issues as it a multi-core DAW.

I tried but got some weird mouse problems, where the pointer was restricted to a small portion of the first screen.
This only happened sometimes, other times the pointer got jittery and keyboard input got a large delay.
After an hour Testing i just turned game mode all the way off, not something I want to engage by mistake :slight_smile: