Windows HiDPI

TL:DR A scaling selector setting in Cubase is necessary for Windows version (at least) - it helps a lot for small screens with high resolution.

L: I jumped from Cubase 10 to Cubase 11. Before Cubase 10, 150% windows scaling was my go-to. But Cubase 10 was so big (double the GUI) at that scaling, that it was almost unusable. So I simply set the windows scaling to 140% - Cubase 10 would stay small and workable and the rest of windows interface woudl be still large enough.
Welcome Cubase 11: now it stays itself at 100% scaling only when windows is set to 100%. Any other Windows scaling results in Cubase 11 blowing up it’s GUI to double (triple?) size? Is just enormous. So a GUI size selector in preferences would be extremely welcome.