Windows HiDPI

TL:DR A scaling selector setting in Cubase is necessary for Windows version (at least) - it helps a lot for small screens with high resolution.

L: I jumped from Cubase 10 to Cubase 11. Before Cubase 10, 150% windows scaling was my go-to. But Cubase 10 was so big (double the GUI) at that scaling, that it was almost unusable. So I simply set the windows scaling to 140% - Cubase 10 would stay small and workable and the rest of windows interface woudl be still large enough.
Welcome Cubase 11: now it stays itself at 100% scaling only when windows is set to 100%. Any other Windows scaling results in Cubase 11 blowing up it’s GUI to double (triple?) size? Is just enormous. So a GUI size selector in preferences would be extremely welcome.



It’s crazy that in 2020 programs like Ableton, Studio One and FL Studio 20 have better HiDPI than Cubase 11 after years of development.
They should do a setting option like Ableton and FL Studio have.
2020-11-14 (2).png
2020-11-14 (3).png
In Ableton you can see the option called Zoom Display.


Hi guys,

Thanks for your feedback. I will discuss the option for a custom scaling factor embedded in Cubase with the team.