Windows installer starts when CUBASE is opened

I opened CUBASEAI today and it would not open.
Had something to do with the elicenser needing updated.
So I opened the elicenser and it was out of date.
I updated the elicenser and opened CUBASE, but then windows installer popped up and tried to install the YAMAHA driver.
As the installer was installing, it froze at preparing to install.

Anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong?
Many thanks for any info.


Some Windows updates corrupt the eLCC and also try to force Windows an universal Audio Device driver, instead of the specific driver.

Try this:

  • Install the latest eLCC application.
  • Start the eLCC application as an administrator (via right-click).
  • Trigger Maintenance.
  • Install the latest driver of your Audio Device (as administrator, as mentioned above).
  • Start Cubase.

I hope this helps.