[Windows] Menu font size too big, does not follow system settings.

[Windows] Menu font size too big, does not follow system settings.

I saw this issue happens on Windows 10***, from Dorico 1 to Dorico Pro 3 at this moment.
By default under 100% system DPI setting, the default menu font of Windows NT 6.x is 9pt.
However, the menu font size in Dorico is 10pt.

Screenshot (Windows Embedded with Luna XP theme):
(Give me some time to get screenshots from Windows 10. I will update it quickly.)

Note: Windows 7 may have this issue if using 3rd-party Window theme.

P.S.: This is unfriendly to laptop users under the most popular 1366x768 resolution (especially considering the condensed UI design in Dorico Pro 3).

It’s a QT problem and it’s been discussed at length previously.

Thanks. Is this already in the Qt bugtracker?

It was QTBUG-53022 but I don’t know what the latest is - that one seems to have been closed.

edit: I think, reading the comments, that this has been fixed in the Qt 5.14 branch. Dorico 3.0 certainly isn’t running on 5.14, seeing as it was released before Morten (on the Qt bug tracker) closed the bug.

That’s a different issue, I think, though in fact the Qt developers have made some more progress on the handling of non-integral scale factors on Windows (which is why that bug is now closed) and we are looking at the latest changes in that area.

However, it used to be the case that Dorico explicitly sets the size of the font in menus on both Windows and macOS, but as of Dorico 3 it no longer does so.

Ah. Thanks for the clarification, Daniel.

Looks like I no longer need to update the screenshots. Thanks for Daniel’s explanations.