Windows misidentifies Cubase 10.5 as Cubase 10.0

After upgrading to Cubase 10.5 I realized that the default file association was still Cubase 10 instead of Cubase 10.5 so I went to change it. Doing so I discovered that in a couple of places WIndows is calling 10.5 just 10.

In the attached you’ll see this occurs for both “Open with…” and in Settings when trying to change the default file association. Looking at the installed programs it is correctly identified as 10.5.

I just noticed that in both lists Cubase 8 & Cubase 9 are listed but 8.5 & 9.5 are not. But I have both the x.0 and x.5 versions installed for each and as it turns out the items shown as C8 & C9 are really C8.5 & C9.5 and yes I did have to sit through the plug-in scan twice.

All told I have 7 different versions of Cubase installed (yes I have a problem) and all are shown in Windows’ installed list.

Below shows how each is handled for “Open With…”

Version ----- Open With status
7.5 ---------- not shown or available
8.0 ---------- not available
8.5 ---------- available but shown as 8
9.0 ---------- not available
9.5 ---------- available but shown as 9
10.0 --------- available and shown as 10
10.5 --------- available but also shown as 10