Windows not playing exported audio

I’m new to Cubase and I’m using Cubase Elements. I have Several short tracks using EastWest Sounds but when I’m exporting them I cannot hear the playback- Windows media player just gives me an ‘error’. I am also trying to export a track with a video but when I export that, only the video is playing and no sound. I would really appreciate any help.


I have just figured it out. I hadn’t selected all of the tracks when I exported it. If anyone else is having this problem and needs a more detailed description, HMU. Thanks


What do you mean by “select all tracks”? You don’t have to select the tracks to export them.

And Windows Media Player wouldn’t through an error, if there would be silent.

But Windows Media Player doesn’t play back for example 24bit WAV files. If you want to use Windows Media Player, I would recommend to export in the audio-CD quality, i.e. 44.1kHz and 16bit. Or use better player, please.