Windows P2pfix.dll installed to directory how do I undo this

I ran the fix for Halion from the Steinberg support page. The p2pfix.dill directory update and now Halion Sonuc doesnt open. Is there any way I can remove this from my Windows directory?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I would reinstall HALion (Sonic). On Windows, install it as administrator, please.

Hi Martin, thanks for getting in touch. I have tried to install and run as administrator with no luck. I am the only user on my PC and I am the administrator. I have right clicked and selected run as administrator, I have run the command prompt and input net user administrator /active:yes with system error 5. I have run compatibility check with a right click on the icon. And have set system admin notification to all.
If I run the program it loads for about 10 seconds and the disappears/quits.
Any ideas would be helpful.
I did install the P2Pfix registrary from Steinburg, which made the matter worse. If I was clever enough to make a back up of the registry I would back to a program that half worked. I have no idea how to undo a registry change.



Please, don’t run as an administrator. Install as an administrator (i.e. run the installer as an adminstrator), please.

Thanks Martin. Yes I did that, no luck.
I’m going to go for a system retore point, before all this happened.

Hi Martin,
I managed to fix the problem with your help. I ran a system restore point for a day before I installed Halion Sonic 7, and all is fine. The registry fix on Steinburg support for Halion that I performed (install d2dfix.reg) was my problem.

Thank you so much for helping me.


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