Windows project issues with plug-ins when loading on Macos

I have some Cubase 12 pro projects that I created on my now retired Windows computer. When I load the project into Cubase 12 pro on my Macbook M1 some plug-ins aren’t found.

For example Omnisphere. I used the VST3 version on the Windows computer, and I have the same version (also VST3) installed on my Macbook. But when loading the project I get the “The plug-in
Omnisphere could not be found for VST synth 3”

With other plug-ins, like Sylenth1, there’s no issues what so ever when loading an “old” windows Cuabse 12 project.

What am I missing here? Are there some VST3 plugin-identifier that is different between PC and Mac versions for some vendors?


That’s entirely possible. Some developers don’t seem to understand that VST plugins use unique IDs for identifying plugins (and thus guaranteeing session compatibility) and often assign different ones to the VST3 and VST2 versions, and possibly also for the same format on different platforms…

Ok… well that’s unfortunate but I guess there’s some good reason for this behaviour.

I would maybe contact the omnisphere developers about this. I don’t see a reason why the Mac and win version of the same version and format should have different ids (assuming that this is actually the problem)

I contacted Spectrasonics yesterday and thay are saying that the VST3 version should not behave like this when moving between windows and macos. (I’m about to send them an example Cubase project and they will take a closer look.)

Yeah this was on me… I had VST2 version on windows and moved over to the VST3-only MacOS…