Windows Sound Cards for Control Room

Do you need 2 sound cards in a Windows PC to get Control Room working?

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No, you don’t.

In fact, you cannot have 2 Audio Devices. Cubase can work with a single ASIO Driver only.

So how do you configure Control Room to send audio to a different monitor speaker/headphone than the main stero out?


Enable the Control Room. In the Audio Connections > Control Room, click on Add Channel and add the wanted channel.

I think my problem is that my audio interface is a Soundcraft Signature 10 mixer, with an associated ASIO USB driver, but they only support 2 in and 2 out channels. Therfore I can’t add extra channels for the Control Room.


If your Audio Device doesn’t have enough outputs, then there is no way. Sorry.

Um, you use either or, you don’t need to have more outputs.
control room inst a real output channel.
what you place on the inserts in control room dosent affekt the print, but the stereo out does.
so you have your main outs in control room, not stereo out, but still use the stereo out for processing

Like the others said it doesn’t seem like the problem is Control Room, it’s your device you’re using. You need a device with multiple outputs that are all made available in the driver that the device manufacturer provides.

So again, to answer your question in your first post: You don’t need two sound cards to get CR working if you have enough physical outputs on your hardware and that is made available through the device driver.

PS: If my memory serves me Cubase/Nuendo accepts only one driver at a time, so if you add a second “sound card” to get more outs you have to make sure you can use one driver with that new device and your old one, if you wish to use both. If that is not possible then you would need to replace your old device for a new one that does the job.