Windows sound issue

this isn’t exactly a Dorico issue, but maybe someone knows how to solve this anyway:

When Dorico is active I can’t listen to any other audio source (e.g. Spotify, Transcribe etc.) As soon as the ASIO-drivers starts all other sound gets killed.
In my normal studio setup I have two different external sound cards, but now when working at home I only have one.

Anyone who knows what setting I’m missing to make it work?

With Suspend audio device in background activated I can switch and listen to other apps, but still not liten to two different sources at the same time…

Get a multiclient ASIO capable device.

I run everything through the donation-ware product Voicemeeter. It can accommodate multiple ASIO streams at once.

Select Voicemeeter Input as your output device in Windows, then in the Voicemeeter control panel specify your actual Hardware Out.

Thanks sooooooo much for super quick response! :unamused: :smiley: :nerd:

Finally it works. I guess it’s my not-at-all-high-end sound card that is my bottleneck.

Thanks again!