Windows Taskbar Icon Oddity

Minor annoyance: After upgrading to 2.0, on both of my Windows 10 boxes, the Dorico 2 icon in the taskbar does something funny. I’m attaching a small picture just so that I can explain it more easily.

In the image, the first Dorico icon is the old 1.2 icon. The second is 2.0. Basically, no matter what you click on, or what version of the program runs, the icon that gets highlighted to show that the program’s running is the 1.2 icon.

So, a few examples:

  1. click on 1.2 icon, 1.2 runs, 1.2 icon is highlighted.
  2. click on 2.0 icon, 2.0 runs, 1.2 icon is highlighted.
  3. open program by clicking on a document, 2.0 runs, 1.2 icon is highlighted.

I’m sure that I could probably fix this by uninstalling 1.2, but I kinda like having it still on the machine. Is this a bug? Or have I just been dumb twice over? Anyone else have the same issue?

True, something is odd here. But at least for me it is consistent in that always the 2.0 icon gets highlighted, even when clicking on the 1.2 icon.

Does it really bother you that much? Because I’m sure this is dealt with on the operating system level and can’t be controlled from Dorico.

I can’t say it bothers me tremendously, no, definitely not, but if it didn’t bother me at all, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into engraving (and subsequently, probably wouldn’t have gotten into Dorico). Funny little catch-22 there :slight_smile:

But if it’s not everyone else also, that’s good to hear. I’ll do some further digging and see if anything comes up.

Ok, sorted it.

Turns out it was just a naming issue Inside the folder %AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar. The original Dorico 1.2 icon still had the name “Dorico” while the other one ended up being named something like Dorico 2 or Dorico (2)–both happened to me as I was fiddling with it.

If you just rename the first one to something like Dorico 1.2 (or delete it), and remove the second one from the taskbar, then run Dorico 2, it should open a new icon on the taskbar that when pinned will enter that file folder as “Dorico.” That’s the icon that will be highlighted when anything runs.

So I think this would only affect people who didn’t remove the 1.2 icon from the taskbar before they installed 2.0.

I also just wanted to clarify (regarding why it was bothersome) that I don’t actually plan on having them both on the taskbar at the same time. When I had only Dorico 2 on the taskbar and tried to run it, it would open up and highlight a new icon. That was the issue.

Yes, this has come up before on the forum, and the fix was indeed to remove the existing Dorico icon from the taskbar and then re-pin it.

Oh, gosh, silly me. I figured I keep a close enough eye on the forum that I didn’t need to search for this. Too close to the sun, it seems.

Fwiw, I had tried your suggestion in the other thread and several other combinations of unpinning and repinning to no avail. What fixed it for me, I think, was making sure the shortcut was just called “Dorico” which isn’t always the case depending on where you’re pinning it from.