[Windows]USB Midi Device Not Recognized After CB8 Is Running

jamusic and kamilbaranski, I’m Cubase user since version 5.1 and I’ve never received any notification about missing midi device, only for missing audio interface. I’ve never seen message during the start up of Cubase, to tell me that my midi keyboard isn’t turned on… nothing even similar to the message for missing devices of Studio One.
I have noticed one interesting difference about Cubase Pro 8 and Studio One 2.6… I configured my RME Asio to 1024 samples buffer size and found that Studio One has less noticeable latency on MIDI, than Cubase Pro 8. Very strange?!

Regarding the RME, I’ve read a few threads here about new issues with that unit now.
It might only be since Q8. Have a browse through these forums for some possible solutions.

Sorry but I guess I wasn’t specific enough when I first posted this topic… :blush:

My ongoing concern is that CB will not recognize a USB connected midi device after it is running (windows only). Not the audio device discussion that has been introduced in this topic. So, to be a little more specific I edited this topic’s subject to add the word “Midi”.

BTW… my firewire connected audio device will work if I connect it (the same device that has been previously connected) after CB is running. Also, I do get a warning if my audio device gets disconnected during a CB session.

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Well, of course the topic is related to the MIDI devices… They need to do something to give us an option to “Reconnect” these devices without need of restarting Cubase.
Just I’ve shared something that I noticed… :slight_smile:

It is soooooooooooooo needed it’s not even funny…

Im pretty shure that Cubase is the only one DAW without option to connect device in opened project

Has Steinberg answered this yet?

You’re telling me that we have plugins that emulate the sounds of tape heads on tape, but we can’t plug a MIDI device in mid-session? We can connect and jam/record with someone half way across the world with VST. Can’t they figure this out???!?!?! :imp:

This is so embarrassing when I have clients over for sessions. I have to close Cubase, restart, and the whole time listen to them talk about why Protools on a Mac is so much better…




Yes, for christs sake. Get this sorted, this is a highly necessary function and it’s unprofessional of you, Steinberg, not to resolve this issue. It’s been a request for ages, and I might change to another DAW like Reaper instead of buying a new upgrade from you unless this is dealt with in a new update. That’s how important it is to me, and I’m sure, to many others as well.

Really, fix this!

C’mon Mods, please give some indication that this is going to be addressed. It’s called customer support.

+1 for this.
Makes me miss the ease of use of REAPER. I recently moved to Cubase and couldn’t believe I have to restart cubase just to connect a USB device.

+1. This problem is really annoying.

Sometimes I forget the UR 44 interface to connect to the USB port.
On Cubase start, it can not find the interface. I would like a function that the equipment can be re-read.
currently. The only way at the moment is to close and restart Cubase when plugged the interface.

That’s interesting… Meaning you are reporting that you are experiencing this on a Mac. I thought this was related to us running CB and our USB connected stuff on a PC. Maybe you are doing something wrong? Not to highjack this thread maybe you should post your issue again (with more specifics) in the “general” forum section and see if someone can assist.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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Edit: Tonylife’s post is gone but his memory and issue live on… :laughing:

Also adding a record of another thread here so that I can keep these requests nice and tidy:

Best of all, this topic again gets to the front page baby. Nice! :wink:


Unbelievable that this still happens. Very annoying.

+1… windows issue or not ,please make some efforts to solve this annoying issue.

+1… yes please!!

Another +1

I would love this, as I forget to turn on my keyboard frequently. :mrgreen:

+1. But it’s been years, and nothing has changed… One of these day, they’re gonna do it and advertise it as a new “feature”… Because, you know, they actually have to do a bit of programming, not like on mac where the os is already doing all the job.

I know people will want to clobber me for saying this, but for those who hate restarting Cubase to plug in a MIDI device, why not use Loopbe MIDI Loopback and MIDI-OX as a go between?

Why, I’ll pulverize ya… Not. :wink:

Steve should never be clobbered for suggesting a workaround. But, I hope Steinberg doesn’t use these suggested workarounds as a reason to not consider this request. That might be “clobber” worthy for them. :cry:

Also apparently there is another program named “rtpMIDI” that can be used as a workaround too.

For me, I hate installing and having extra programs/processes running on my PC. So I never tried any of the suggested workarounds to see if they actually work. Trouping on, I will just continue to restart CB until Steinberg incorporates the feature.

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