[Windows]USB Midi Device Not Recognized After CB8 Is Running

This request is made for each version of CB and I should have submitted it again when I first noticed it was not implemented (which was on the first day of the CB8 release). I hope we can get it implemented one of these days. :wink:

Cubase running on a PC Windows OS system will not recognize a USB Midi device when the USB device is connected after Cubase is already running.

According to the posts I’ve read in the related threads listed below this issue only happens for those running Cubase on a PC/Windows OS. Not Mac OS X

Here is one scenario and the steps to reproduce the concern:

  1. Start Cubase and open a project.
  2. While listening to your project you decide you want to add something from your USB midi keyboard to it. It just happens that your keyboard was not plugged in prior to starting Cubase.
  3. You plug in your USB midi keyboard and notice Cubase will not recognize it.
  4. You need to close the project, shut down Cubase and restart Cubase for it to recognize the keyboard.

As a suggestion maybe a “reconnect” or “refresh” button could be added to alleviate this concern. I know this request can be implemented as this function is available in other DAW software.

In an attempt to consolidate some of the requests for this function I attached a few threads associated with topics requesting the same.

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+1. OK, so it’s partly a case of driver error, but it’s very irritating for those of us who need to take gear out to gigs/location work, as you always have to remember to re-plumb things in the studio before you need them. Many is the time I’ve though “oh, I’ll just play a quick part in there” only to find I have no MIDI input device attached. You either have to resort to programming or re-booting Cubase — and the latter is usually a slower option.

You are correct, this does not happen on Mac.
One of those tiny tiny things I noticed when I made the switch which just brought a smile to my face :slight_smile:

I would like to see this working on PC.
Not a death issue, but sometimes very annoying.

It’s important to me, to have this feature fixed. Desk space is valuable and it does make sense plugging different devices, depending on the task at hand.

Native Instruments has it for years!

All standalone applications use that (Kontakt for example).
New attached USB Midi Devices show up and are useable if you plug them by running the application.
So this is possible!

Please steinberg do this!


Some arguments:

  • some devices use a lot of power, raise temperature in studio and are not useful in all situations.
  • restarting Cubase with large session can last for few minutes and the inspiration can disappear :wink: .
  • also the Mac users have more “privileges” here, as new devices are scanned “on the fly”.

Two possible solutions:

  1. “Rescan” button (probably in Device setup → MIDI Port Setup)
  2. Scanning everything “on the fly” - the same way as in Cubase for Mac.

Kamil Baranski

I can’t understand why this “feature” is not yet implemented.

Programming skills :mrgreen:

+1. Sorely needed, especially in this day and age of saving power by keeping things turned off until you need them! I.e. I don’t turn my keyboards on unless I need them, but of course, then I have to restart Cubase…


+1 Oh yes. Not so bad anymore with SSDs, but still a killer. Badly wanted, yes!

It’s annoying but for me not as annoying as not having mp3 tag which they had 10 years ago but removed!

Most of my MIDI gear is connected with traditional MIDI cables to USB-powered MIDI interfaces (Motu midi express 128 and Steinberg Midex8). So they are always connected when I switch them on.
However last week I got me a new synthesizer module, a Yamaha Motif rack XS, and I want to use the Editor vst plugin. For that I need direct USB connection, but this fails when the unit is not switched on before Cubase startup.
The unit can be expanded with a (FW16E) FireWire Expansion for audio and MIDI.
Does anyone know if the firewire does connect after Cubase startup?
I’m asking because I think it’s possible: my firewire audio interface (Steinberg MR816x) DOES reconnect after switching off and on with Cubase opened, and also my Motu midi express is reconnecting, which makes me think it’s a driver issue?
I started a topic in the Yamaha synth forum, but didn’t figure it out yet:

I think it might.

I shut my FireWire audio interface off today while Cubase was still open.
Of course a message popped up about it.

When I left the message alone, and powered on the audio interface again, the message dissappeared and I was able to continue on.

Yes, my firewire audio interface also reconnects. But it seems the Motif will not, see topic:

I guess some devices are finicky.
I’m thinking some of the better ones seem to be able to handle this a bit better.

For instance, my interface is from TC Electronics, which is rock solid and of excellent quality from head to toe. Never had any issues whatsoever.

It’s time for Steinberg to implement such function for automatic recognition of the MIDI device when it’s plugged after the Cubase is started.
My main DAW is Cubase Pro 8, but I’m Presonus Studio One 2.6 user /Studio One is product developed by former Cubase developers/. These guys implemented, even, function which gives you a notification that MIDI device isn’t plugged in during the start up /Check the picture below/

They also implemented a Reconnect button on the MIDI Device manager window /check out the second/

It’s not something impossible to be included… I’m, and many others, still wandering why Steinberg didn’t do that already?! And what are they waiting for?!
Pro Tools, Nuendo and Cubase are the most expensive DAW software on the market…
In general, this request is very old, but the guys from Steinberg don’t do anything…

Actually, Cubase does give similar messages and has been since I jumped to Cubase 6 from Sonar X2 & Studio One 2.

I have at times, forgotten to turn on my MIDI interface, and I always get a message that it is missing. It’s called the ‘Missing Ports’ dialog box. I get it in both 7.5.20 & 8.0.10

In fact, any time I’ve forgotten to turn anything on, including my USB keyboard, or even my audio interface, a message always shows up, and I have to either correct the problem, or at the very least, click the ‘OK’ to close the message.

The missing audio interface message will pop up without a project file being opened since it is essential, but the MIDI interface and the USB keyboard are notified only if I open a project that has used either one.

Not sure why this isn’t happening for you Thurisaz.

If I’m not mistaken, I do recall seeing something that gives you the option to be informed about missing devices.
I could be wrong about that though. :unamused:

@jamusic: Of course, there is a window about missing MIDI interfaces (I think since SX3 or even earlier), but there’s no way to add these devices without restarting Cubase and reloading project.

Right…I mistook his 2nd paragraph for the 1st one.
In reading it again, I now see that he was talking about the ‘Reconnect’ button in Studio One, which I haven’t seen in Cubase or Sonar.
Ok - my bad.