Windows: WaveLab automatically activates its window on mouse hover

Hi there,

in Windows I have my mouse configured not to bring an application in front on mouse over, that makes it way easier to operate with overlapping windows. Typical usecase: I’m typing data in an application that is partly covering a full size browser; when I hover to the browser it gets focus just by mouse over but not getting in front of other applications, so I can scroll the browser’s content and still having the other application in front so I can easily switch between both without arrange them within the monitor’s area.

WaveLab however always brings itself in front on activation (with me: on mouse over). Where can I switch that unique behaviour off? I don’t know any other application behave that way.

Thanks in advance

I don’t really understand your case, because unless you click inside WaveLab, just hovering the mouse does not activate WaveLab. At least, I am not aware of such case.