Windows XP Compatibility

I tried the forum search but it doesn’t seem to like me, so sorry if this has been posted before…

The trial version of Cubase 6 installed just fine on Windows XP SP3. I was wondering if anyone uses Windows XP as their OS for Cubase 6 and if they’ve had any problems with it? I also use the Waves ‘Gold’ package of plugins.

I’m interested because I like my GRM Tools but no upgrade is offered and the last OS they’ll work with is WinXP, it seems.


All unsupported means in Steinbergese is that the OS is untested. Plenty of users are running C6 on XP without issue.

Confirmed here. No problems whatsoever on XP SP2.

Hi Keres - You’re the only other one with XP2 that I know … when/if you update to 6.05, would you please post here or drop me a PM to let us know how it went?


Why don’t you apply the update and tell us how it went? :unamused:

I am on XP here, I’m too busy and it’s too big a job to build a new system and mess around reloading libraries etc when this set up is so good and steady. Although I will do in 2012 I reckon…really just to stay in the swim

No upgrading problems to report, I have been running each new version from day of release.


Oh, and MattGreer, just to answer your question, 6.00 has worked very nicely for months on my XP system! If you go the update route, just make sure you start out with the most current e-Licenser loaded.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely do that.

It’s been pretty frustrating finding software/plugins I like only to have them quit working when going from one OS to another. It’s understandable, but frustrating…

6.0.5 on my XP system everything seems fine :stuck_out_tongue:

All good here, too. FWIW, I also am waiting for the Waves update to 64 bit (January, I’m told), and will probably move to Win7 then. So more ram and, they tell me, a quicker Cubase experience - I’m all in. I also have done every upgrade as they were presented. 6.0.5 is the best so far. :smiley:

Same here. 6.0.5, XPsp2, 32 bits. No problems.

I’m curious, why do you not upgrade to SP3? Are there issues with that patch?

Not much if any benefit from sp2 to sp 3 for a daw.

my xp machine is on sp3 by the way.

Try a dual boot with both XP and Win7 .
And install all libraries on its own disk.

I have a tripple boot that works like a Dream.
And i haven’t reinstalled libraries in years.

Triple boot?? With Win98/XP/7? :slight_smile: Fun. I dual boot Win7 (64 bit) and WinXP.

Problem for me is finding drivers for modern hardware/chipsets/gfx. How do you get around that?

And to not stray from my last question, is there a known issue with SP2 and audio hardware/software? It seems curious that, for example, Echo Audio products are mentioned to be compatible with WinXP SP2, but not SP3 (they work fine with SP3 as far as I can tell, but w/e.)

The SP2 vs. SP3 difference is that SP3 demands that you install HD audio if it is on your video card. Which installs a UAA bus every time you boot up. And, you can’t turn it off permanently. With SP2, you could uninstall this permanently.

The HD audio thing confuses Windows sometimes, that’s the issue. Particularly if you should turn your recording interface off and try to play music through a different software player…and then come back to your recording interface. If all you have on your computer is your recording interface, and all you do is use Cubase as a music device you will never run into this maybe.

There is a workaround for this and it is out there, an edit for your registry. I did this and SP3 is good for me, no issues.

If there are other issues, I don’t know of any.