Windows XP Mode in Win 7: Can 32 bit drivers be installed?


I have a particular problem here.
Id like to upgrade my OS to a Windows 7 or 8 for Cubase 7 to run and take benefits from a 64 bit system, but Ill need a virtual XP machine installed too. The reason for that is, that I have several Emulator X2 licences, which are protected with C-Dilla, which only runs in 32 bit systems.
By the way: Upgrading Emulator X2 to X3 is out of question, because

  1. they changed their copy protection to Challenge/Response.
  2. Also, as there are shutting down EMU at Creative, I dont want to buy this upgrade, which soon I might be unable to use/activate. (Thats why I prefer dongle solutions.)

So the question is: Has anyone experience with:

  • Running virtual XP on its Windows 7/8
  • Installing 32 bit drivers in virtual XP?

Thanks a lot for your replies. I hope I find some answers here.
All the best, a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.


And the Cubase 7 Question is?

So the question is: Has anyone experience with:

  • Running virtual XP on its Windows 7/8
  • Installing 32 bit drivers in virtual XP?

It`s because I pretend to route MIDI from a Cubase 7 64bit to a virtual 32 bit system. I was hoping for some CONSTRUCTIVE help here…

Yeah, but what´s it got to do with: “Post questions and find answers on our latest Cubase release here.”

Virtual drivers yes, hardware drivers no, Windows 8 has a real hypervisor, so installing hardware drivers is possible but data sharing between VPC is only limited

Any experience on Windows 7?

Datasharing might not be an issue. I am gonna need to send MIDI to the virtual XP and receive audio from it, this I be achieved with separate audiocards and cables, the hardware drivers are my only concern.

Thanks for your help.
All the best.


If you’re really serious, why not set up VE Pro or VST System Link?

I´m 99,9% sure this won´t work. But you could just go for win7 32 bit.
Or use a separate computer for your emulator on xp and never have to worry about it again.

What I meant to say is that hardware drivers might be possible on W8 but mostly pointless, but are not possible on the W7, the W7 XP mode is a Virtual PC variant or in other words an software emulated PC with hardware acceleration, the W8 version is a variant of Hyper-X or whatever MS is calling their own hypervisor these days and allows more than one operating system to share the hardware to a degree, 2 totally different technologies

Also if he does not need real time data sharing he can install 2 different OS’s on separate partitions on his computer

Hello emotive, vinark and Reiknir!

Thank you very much for your replies.

I am trying to figure out, how the chances are, to get running a 32 bit Win OS and a 64 bit Win on one machine at a time, to be able to use XP-only hard/software simultaneously with a 64 bit Win. Actually the Windows 7 scenario, that one of you mentioned, looks like the answer I was looking for. I am considering a new big machine, with lots of cores and RAM, so hardware resources shouldn`t be a problem.

About VE Pro: I `d rather stick with my beloved Cubase (7 already :wink: ).

Of course the option of using two PCs is a possibilty.
But in general, Id like to have all on one machine, so I wont have to use 2 physical computers, comsuming doble electricity.
Also its a matter of comfort. Its easier to set up a Rewire-like connection between two OS on the same computer than using two PCs, making backups etc… As mentioned in an earlier post, audio and MIDI can be moved between the two systems using dedicated audio/MIDI interfaces, one for XP and another for Win 7 64bit. Also, it would be interesting to see, if its possible, to make a VST System Link between those two OS on the same machine. Who knows, when Ill be able to try that…

And to thinkingcap:
As you can see, we are at the right place here for those specified questions. No offense though.

Again, thanks a lot.
If you have more useful information, keep it coming…

I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
All the best.


The “right” forum to post in is in the first place the one that is dedicated for the specific topic, not the one you get answers in or has the most viewers…

Yeah, that`s why you stick with a Cubase 5.1.1 and sneak around in Cubase 7 forum. :laughing:
And yes, a forum is to GET ANSWERS. Better make some music.


The only thing to :laughing: about here is your bad idea.


It certainly is possible, I have tried it (once) with success but it can be confusing, so I agree one machine but the VST System Link is a great way of preserving old rigs in a current setup.

I’ve got a Powercore and eventually I will likely have to slave it via it’s own rig if the plugins cannot for whatever reason be updated and while I have confidence TC won’t let their own plugs falter at any time notwithstanding future developments, or lack thereof, I can’t be sure what Novation will (or won’t) do or Noveltech for that matter for their V-Station and Character plugins, which is a great shame as it performed very well in V5, but that’s the point…

with the VST System Link you can have different cubase setups participating in a server farm, without the incompatibility of using older plugs in a new environment.

For server farms VE pro is easier and cheaper then system link. For system link you need a daw and audio interface on every pc. VE pro can link all operating systems (Win and osx) and all bits (32 or 64).

I see it’s a fairly old woken up post but seems like out of place and looking for troubles with unsupported and defunct Emu hardware. Used to be good for sure but I ditched it a few years ago. Emu’s been doorstop central for a while.

If your soundcards have digital I/O the cost of system link is just the price of a cable, it’s built into Cubase, you can use an AI, LE or SE as a slave

Er … what on earth are you talking about … are you already celebrating the new year ?