WIndows XP Pro and Cubase 4??


Currently my studio PC has the specs below. I has been running slow lately (probably because I started surfing the net on it.) Anyways, I was going to just reinstall XP Pro and Cusbase 4. Is there any reason to upgrade my version of WINDOWS to something newer to use with Cubase 4? I don’t think I have a need to update Cubase since I am not doing anything to max out my needs with it…I don’t think.

I guess my thought is, if it was working smooth before with XP and Cubase 4, will I realize much benefit with upgrades of either of the 2 or combination of them, other than new “features” I just want it to perform a bit quicker.



PC - Conroe Core 2 Duo E6600 Corsair XMS 2 DAW Rig@ Default 2.4 GHz
Intel DP965LT Motherboard
2GB (2 x 1000) Corsair XMS2 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM
2x Western Digital Caviar 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache
Cubase 4
Presonus Digimax
RME Mulitface w/PCI adapter
Roland R-70 Drum Machine
Art Pro VLA Compressor
Behringer HA4700 headphone amp
Vocal mic (Baby Bottle)
Mackie Control Universal

I have defregged in the past and didn’t seem to help too much, drives aren’t even near full. I think it is more related to the fact that I started surfing the net on it, put Itunes and someother apps on there verses ONLY using it as a DAW…first I started just reading a few DAW sites from it, but that slippery slope then ended up using it as a personal PC and DAW system. Somewhere along the lines, it has gotten a bit bogged down.

I think i will put more RAM in. I figured if I was going to clean it up I was going to see if upgrading windows this same machine would improve performance anough to justify it. If not, I would just wipe it clean, and start from scratch (and bump up the memory.)

Thanks for you reply