Windows XP

Sorry if answers have already been given - I couldn’t find them.

  1. What is the most recent version of Wavelab LE compatible with Windows XP ?

  2. WHERE can I download it? (the main download page goes back to Wavelab LE v. 7 and the FTP page stops at v. 4

Thanks, regards

The last version to officially support Windows XP was Wavelab 6. If you buy Wavelab Elements 9.5, you’ll also be able to use Wavelab Essential 6 which you can download here:

You’ll have to contact Steinberg Support if you want a Wavelab LE download link.

Thanks, Romantique…

I’ve got an OEM license (supplied with a Zoom recorder).
I tried to contact Steinberg support but because I couldn’t install Wavelab 9.5 and register it I had no registered products and couldn’t proceed!