Winter NAMM 2012 New Steinberg Products ?


Winter NAMM 2012 starts Jan. 19th, so…

Will STEINBERG announce some new products at the Show ? i.e.

  • New Sample Libraries for Halion 4 ?
  • New VST instrument ?
  • A Cubase 6 update (6.5) ?
  • Halion Symphonic Orchestra II ?

Or … None of the above :laughing: ?

pfft, that will just piss off the guitar players and cause drummers to utter statements such as “what’s that bloody tick tick ticking in my headphones? Can’t concentrate on the tempo with that noise going on!”

So far I see nothing new/exciting from Steinberg announced at Winter NAMM 2012 .

Maybe their latest Metronome will be announced ? :smiley:

Looks like they have some H4 content to talk about tomorrow. Maybe it will be something new.

Well… I hope they have something NEW, and exciting.

Some new, and great sounding H4 sample libraries would be cool !

So far, no Cubase 6.5 announcement.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Actually, I re-read the schedule. They have the same stuff listed every day. So, not sure if we may have already heard all there is to hear about.

I have been surfing the net to know about what’s new, and hip this year at NAMM, and so far STEINBERG, and YAMAHA seem to be missing from the excitement.

I wonder why they bother going to NAMM if they have nothing New and Special to show :unamused: Their websites should be good enough, plus they could save themselves the expense, and headache of exhibiting !

Unless … They are yet to announce something in the coming days at Winter NAMM 2012.