Wired or wireless

To connect VST connect and Performer via LAN does the Laptop (in my case) need to be hardwired to the main computer? Is it possible to do it wirelessly and if so how?

The only way I have managed to connect Performer and Connect is by tethering via a mobile phone… but it’s only 3G
Also I have not been able (or any of my performers) to connect by searching for username, I find them but just get unable to connect etc… the only way I can connect is by texting the performer the number code to connect. Is this the only way to connect?

use LAN. Maybe possible if the phone is connected to the same network via WLAN (WiFi). But why?

I couldn’t get LAN to work using wireless - just kept getting messages saying can not use on the same network… connecting with a cable was also unsuccessful. The mobile phone is just a little slow and does not always sync, but unfortunately is the only way I can connect because it’s not on the same network.

The reason why? - so I can connect up and get the VST-Connect side of things running and make sure all connections are OK and that the Performer will receive a reasonable mix, once I know everything is working OK, I then connect up to the Performer, this way I’m not wasting too much time in setting up and getting a mix for them etc…

this is what I get when trying to connect via LAN - Somebody is trying to connect from within your local network. This is not supported…

Please can someone explain exactly what I need to do to connect via LAN, thanks


I’m on the same network but the LAN button is not lit up, I’ll try again with an Ethernet cable between them -is that how it’s done? Can it not be done wirelessly?

Precisely how have you verified that? What are the ip addresses of the two machines on your LAN?

Do I need to copy the IP address from one of the computers and put it in the other?
How do I do that, there’s no mention of it in the documentation…
let me know if that’s what I have to do and I’ll google it etc…

Got this from Google…
two computers are on a LAN, they cannot have the same IP on that LAN. Your router is also part of the LAN with a LAN address.

I just asked a simple question. Can you at least answer? What are the ip addresses of the two machines on your LAN?

. one is a Mac the other a PC. The Mac iPv4 is, I will check out what my PC is when I’m in the studio tonight.
Once I know what the ip is for them what do I do?

Well, you’re asking about connecting the machines on a lan, so if they are in different locations they aren’t on the same lan.

We’re back at the same place as when I last tried to help you, in that you’re not simply answering the basic troubleshooting questions being posed to you, so I’ll bow out here.

They are not in different locations, they are sat next to each other when I try to connect them? So are you saying that they do not work if they are in different locations in the house? (Even though in my case they are not)
Im a musician not an IT expert…

Could someone help me please, I’m trying to get a MacBook and a PC to talk to each other via LAN - the computers are in the same room. But the LAN indicator does not light up on the Performer…

MacBook ipv4
PC ipv4

How do I get Performer (mac) and Connect (PC) to work via LAN Please

I have seem personally some issues connecting via LAN with VST connect pro - most likely because something corrupt or incorrect in a preference somewhere. Totally inconsistent and hard to track down. (works on C10 on one machine but not C10.5 - another machine is the other way round - fresh install on clean win10 PC works fine etc etc)

if the LAN button is not lit up and you have nothing firewalling the PCs /macs that would block VST connect, you can ping each machine from each other…then you might have hit one of the current ‘bugs’

andyp13, when you gave the macbook ip and said you’d get the the PC ip when you went to the studio, it sounded like they were in different places.

To answer the other question, Wifi or ethernet both work.

I haven’t seen the bug dr is talking about, but do have a case where there is one router that I can’t use with VST Connect- a cable modem/router provisioned by Comcast in the US. Inexplicable really with the info at hand.

If this were my setup, I would initialize the router to factory settings and start from scratch. I just do one thing at a time when troubleshooting- slow, but possibly accurate.

Ok, I’ll take a look at this tomorrow, tbh though, it might be less hassle to just use my mobile phone on 3G as I really don’t know anything about networks - I’ll probably screw it up so I have no internet :flushed:

Y’know, I reread your OP, and it makes me wonder whether your VST Connect Pro license has been activated. Could you post an image of your elicenser control center?

It is activated -

Looks like you did register it, but that image is not of the ELC, it’s your SB account, so what I asked for, as a troubleshooting step to rule out a problem with the ELC or the USB key, is an image of the elicenser control center, which is an application that is installed on your computer.