Wireless Bluetooth Keypad

Do any of my talented friends here use a wireless Bluetooth numeric keypad? If so, do you have any recommendations?

I have a keypad on my rack-mount PC, but I do 95% of my composing on my Surface laptop these days, so I would like something light and portable.

(If y’all watched the tedious way I enter music with a mouse, you’d wonder how I complete the amount of orchestrations I do. :slight_smile: )

Thank you.

I have experience with only one but it is small and handy and has been easy to use and trouble-free for two or three years now:
Macally Bluetooth numkey 22


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Excellent, @Mike_999! Thank you! I am going to order that right now.

It looks great, and and that price, I don’t see how I can go wrong. :slight_smile: It matches my Surface, too.

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It will arrive Monday. Now I can compose a symphony in 3 days. :slight_smile:


I have one from Newer Tech. I liked it because it also included page up and page down buttons and such. I still use it even though my current laptop has a full number pad since I’m left handed I always found it easier to keep one hand on a mouse or track ball and still be able to use the number pad with my left hand.

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@konradh there is one thing that might help you avoid initial frustration when pairing the bluetooth keypad to your computer. The documentation says you initiate pairing by pressing the “enter” and “backspace” buttons at the same time. However, at least for my unit, it is the “enter” and "up-arrow " buttons that initiate pairing when pressed at the same time.

Good luck with your symphony!

Thanks! There was an insert packed with keypad that said which keys to press simultaneously if Windows did not not recognize numeric input. The directions worked, so it seems Mccally had recognized the need for more explanation. :nerd_face: The hardest part was remembering where to find Bluetooth pairing in Windows 11. :nerd_face:
It’s working perfectly now. (I saved the cheap battery they included and used one of my own Duracells.)

I owe you one, sir!