Wireless Headphones Using Cubase 8.5

Anyone using bluetooth headphones to listen to cubase projects playback. I am using win7 desktop pc ur-22 interface. I can hear audio playback fine through tv and media player, Also can hear projects play back using sony acid,flstudio,soundforge as long as i switch to the microsoft sound mapper, which there is no way to access it in cubase. Any ideas or suggestions. I just want to hear my cubase songs playback through my wireless bluetooth headphones.
Been a loyal cubase user since the early cubase vst days.

You’ll have to change the ASIO driver in Cubase to one that can output to your wireless headphones. (The UR22 one certainly can’t.)
From device setup, try the different ASIO drivers there, there’s probably a generic one that will work.

I would like to know if anyone can recommend a generic driver too, as I am having a similar issue where none of the drivers in device setup enable me to send audio to screen recording software :slight_smile: