Wireless keyboard mouse combo that works

Does anyone have a list or something similar of wireless USB keyboard/mouse combos that definitively work with software protection protection dongles? I just built a new system and my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse have started acting funky now. My previous build I had a Microsoft combo that wouldn’t work right so I bought the Logitech which worked fine and now acts funky. So I swapped it out for the Microsoft combo which oddly works fine now. I know there are sorts of problems with wireless USB keyboard/mouse combos with software dongles. Now that I have both the Steinberg E-Licenser and the 3rd gen iLok dongle I think that’s what caused the problem with the Logitech. It would be nice if we had a list of all keyboard/mouse combos that work with the different software dongles out there. For us mainly the E-Licenser and iLok.

I use just like you Steinberg and ilok dongles + wireless Logitech keyboard and Kensington wireless mouse. I have never had any problem.

Software dongles have been historically known to cause problems with USB wireless keyboards and mice including combos. Every time I’ve mentioned it at a computer store they always reply “yup that’s always an issue”. It’s an issue everyone knows about. You’re one in how millions of users? Just because you, one person, is not having an issue with your current setup doesn’t mean it’s not and hasn’t always been an issue. Ergo why I have always had issues.