Wireless Lavalier plus Wireless Earbud while playing and singing


I have started jamming a bit again. I’d like to get my voice amplified in my ears only, not for others in the relatively small room we’re in. I don’t need high quality audio at all, it’s just for a little bit “more me” singing in a loud room.

I’ve also got a keyboard that I’d like to hear while singing. The last thing is I need to probably wear just one of two ear buds in, to hear the other folks playing and singing.

I’ve started looking at wireless Lavaliers, and wireless earbuds, but I thought I’d check in to see if anyone had any comments or suggestions before I got too far.


Wireless microphone, mixing desk and IEM system.
All other ideas are not worth to try.

Bluetooth’s headsets have too much latency.

Thanks, @st10ss

Do I need a mixing desk … or can I just do a wired turn around between the wireless mic and wireless ear bud control units?

(No Bluetooth planned)

I would suggest a small mixer to mix the playback/band with your own signal.

OK, I can do that, thanks @st10ss .

There is no band to be plugged in, just a bunch of people in a room with their own sounds - acoustic guitars, voices, electric guitars, etc.

The only thing I would have coming to me in my IEMs is my voice, and my keyboard.


You don’t want to hear the others? How do you make sure to play in time with them?

One IEM in, one out.

The others aren’t mic’d … is there a better way?


The InEars made for stage use are normally very isolating.
Foremost, you need to try it somehow.

Put a Microphone in the room to capture the others and blend it into your IEM. That would be my first try.

The jam group is very organic, and I’d like to do as little set up as possible, but a room mic is a good thing to consider as an option, vs singing/ playing with one IEM in/ one out.

Yes, next step is Guitar Center/ Sam Ash.

Thanks, @st10ss