Wireless Mouse and Keyboard problems

Has anyone experienced and lagging or unresponsiveness in their wireless input devices. My muse seems to jump about and various keys on the keyboard become unresponsive or lag greatly. I am using a Logitech Mouse and Keybd, the batteries are new, the drivers are the most recent.

I have a different brand Mouse and keyboard on my internet/email computer that I will try next, but it just seems odd that i hadn’t experienced this with 7.5

Hi nowhere man,

My issue is similar. I too have a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse. There is a rubber banding effect with the mouse where the cursor either shoots ahead or lags behind my mouse movements. The longer the movement distance, the more severe the lag or jump-ahead issue becomes. At times it is so draining that I just want to quit the program. I wish Steinberg never went to the aero interface. I was perfectly happy without using it. It has cost me much time in troubleshooting.

I am on the very latest 8.5 .15 version of Cubase.

I know off topic but CB 8.5.15 is not the latest…


Who knows maybe the update will help to fix this issue in CB 8.5. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I got the basic Windows keyboard and mouse. They were terrible. Picked a Logitech pair and they seem to be working much better.

Have you tried the receiver in a different USB port? I have my Logitech receiver in a USB powered hub with Cubase Dongle, Ilok, and Waves stick. The USB controller that runs these is separate from USB 2 that runs my interfaces and the USB 3 port that runs my external drives.

On a side note: I have a mini HP wireless keyboard on my office PC that used to have fits of delayed response. I just dealt with it for a while. Then it just stopped doing it. Not a clue what fixed it…

Thank you all for your kind helpful replies.
I think it’s fixed. I recall that not too long ago I had changed some settings on the mouse to enable ‘trails’.
Today I went into the mouse settings and set them back to default. It appears to have solved the problem.
Also, in general the original problem is NOT a Steinberg issue and I apologize for posting it here. In time I
noticed that the mouse did this in other programs.