Wish for future Cubase

When I set up a project for vocals, I add x amount of audio tracks, x amount of FX tracks, and x amount of group tracks. Afterwards I have to add track presets containing effects to each track. I wish, that it was possible to create a multi track preset with audio tracks, fx tracks and group tracks including effects all together. It would make things much faster… :slight_smile:


Open MixConsole. Select all relevant Channels, and select “Save Selected Channels…” from the MixConsoles Functions Menu.

Then make exactly the same settings of Channels in other project, and select “Load Selected Channels…” from the MixConsoles Functions Menu.

Except, unless it has been fixed, “save selected” does not work with TRACK instruments. That is one difference between using track instruments vs. rack instruments.

thanks for the info. I does indeed make the process faster, but it does not remember my routings to the groups and tracks names either. I Still want to be able to load a complete setup. Hopefully in the future

Isn’t that what templates are there for?

If i can make a template, and import it into an existing project, please guide me…

That is correct from my understanding, there is no single-step function to achieve what you wish. But if I understand what you want, it can be done in 2 steps.

  1. Use “Save selected” (unless you use instrument tracks because those won’t work…unless that has been fixed.) When you want to use this set-up use “open selected.”

  2. Then use track presets. A track preset can save and open multiple tracks by highlighting however many tracks you desire.

Is this your objective?

If you use multiple Toontrack EZX packs, every EZX pack is a bit different regarding routings, track names etc. It takes some time initially, but I have a track preset saved for every EZX pack and every SDX pack. You also need to set the mix routings in your EZX pack or SDX pack and save them in EZ Drummer or Superior Drummer. Now you have everything the way it normally should be for future use.

For example save EZX Pop as a complete track preset. Then when you open EZ Drummer/Superior and open EZX Pop, open your saved mix configuration in EZX Pop/Superior. Then in Cubase click on open all channels, you will see around 20 EZ Drummer channels with no names…just numbers. Highlight all tracks. Open your EZX Pop track preset and now you should see the channel names instead of numbers and any effect processing you stored with any track. Remember a track preset can open any number of tracks.

Again, keep in mind you need to open EZ drummer as a RACK instrument not track instrument because "save selected won’t work with track instruments.

Why don’t you build a master project with all the tracks, FX, instruments, groups… and save it as Vocal-Master.cpr.
Then recall said Master and rename it to whatever new project you want to work into before making any modifications. Works great for me.

Yes I am thinking the same…

Working with vocals from the start, that is just fine. But if you have already been working on a project for a while without vocals, and now it’s time to focus on all the vocals how do you merge this vocal master project into the original master project? The only way I know of is to use “Save selected” and then track presets. Two steps which can be a bit convoluted.

Any other suggestions?

Have you tried importing the required tracks from the vocal project into your existing project? E.g., File | Import | Tracks from Project ?

this is not an option, because you cannot import FX and group tracks this way.

Then the only solution I can think of is to set these up as your default template and later, if you don’t use them, just mute or delete them. It’s just a different way of thinking, and very commonly used by e.g. score composers, who typically set up all conceivable orchestral instruments in a huge template, as it’s not knowable what might eventually be used. You just plan ahead based on what you know about your typical workflow.

peakae is right, this is what templates are there for.

I wish…that there was a layer of abstraction between how new tracks are added to a project and how the project is ordered visibly. It would be very useful to be able to add new tracks of any kind and place them into some kind of grouped and logical order without it ruining the existing ‘generic device’ mappings.

It is quite annoying to spend so much time mapping all these useful available controls with the generic device templates only to have them stop working because you decided to add a new track/s to the project.

If the actual order that tracks were added to the project was abstracted and you had some separate ‘view’ mode in which the user cold re-organize the order the project without affecting the way the mappings saw the sequential order of tracks this could surely be solved.

well on a similar thread, my big wish is to be able to grab and drag mixer channels and reorder the ones that i like next to each other. But obviously this is such an advanced request that in 2016 and 8 major revisions of Cubase, its still just not possible.

(and NO, for the 1000th time, i dont want to grab tracks in the arrange page. I want to grab MIXER CHANNELS…and drag them left or right.)