Wish for MIDI remote

Using Legacy Generic Remote I can configure a control change message to do 3 things with the same control (button):

  • toggle a button
  • set a button always ON
  • set a button always OFF

This is possible in Generic Remote using the flags B (Button) and A (Alternate).
I use these functions mainly for:

  • Pre/Post Roll
  • Punch in/out
  • Metronome
  • Pre-count
  • Cycle

The new Midi Remote can toggle these buttons, but it cannot set them to always ON or always OFF.

I want to ask to Steinberg to adding a functionality like flags for the Midi Remote to set buttons always On or Off, or adding key commands for set these controls to On/off and not only toggle.


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It would absolutely make sense to allow/implement separate on and off commands in cubase for EVERY function that is currently only available only via “toggle”. The reason: Only separate “on” and “off” commands (or equal things from a logical standpoint like: Focus, etc.!) allow for STATELESS control over the corresponding object/action.

Fully agree.

A professional DAW like Cubase should have key commands for toggle/on/off every important control.

Hope we can see an update of these controls in Cubase 12 or 13.