Wish it werent so hard to find this forum

While its easy to find the Cubasis forum from Cubasis on my Ipad, its a big hassle trying to get here on my Laptop, it should be easier to get to.

Hi Strizbiz,

Thanks for your message.
I’m happy to read that you’ll find the forum at last… :wink:

Will share your post with our support department.

To get immediate access to the Cubasis forum, it might help to create a bookmark using this link:

Hope that helps…


How exactly - keeping in mind that we have plenty of other products that need easy access as well? :wink:
We are open to all suggestions.

He’s probably talking about one of the things I mentioned here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=132&t=99890

There’s simply too much clicking to get to the forum section you want to read. For someone who’s only interested in 1 or 2 Steinberg products, this will get tiresome very quickly. The “view new posts” features wont be very useful for this kinda of user.

lol, exactly, which is why I havent been here and Im just seeing his response to something i posted in August of 2017. Fist I go to Steinberg.net, then I click on community,then scroll down that page to click on forum,which takes me to another page where i click on access forum, then I see a page where I see the English forum, then I see various Cubase forums to chose from, I try all of them but I still down see the Cubasis forum, and to be honest, I was lost from there until looking at the top of this comment and seeing Steinberg Apps/ Cubasis. But going to back to my first statement, yeah… I wish it werent to hard to find this forum.

One could just go to google and search Cubasis forum too.

I have thought it would be nice to have a system whereby I “subscribe” to specific forums and sub-forums and then all the other forums are hidden from view when I am viewing the forum structure. In the Media Bay, I can select folders and subfolders in the hierarchy and I will only see samples and presets in those folders, etc.
I get it, though, that the forum is powered by a third party software. I wonder if that capability exists in the phpBB software but Steinberg just hasn’t “purchased that feature?”