Wish list adding fingerings

Wishlist for a module for adding fingerings:

I work mostly with scores for the guitar, and the adding fingering part is usually one of the most time-consuming tasks. What I suggest will also work for other plucked instruments, strings and piano. Regarding the needs for other instruments, I will leave it to others.

I suggest a workflow like this:

  1. Select a note, a bar, a series of notes, a series of bars, a system or more systems (like the two system in a piano part).
  2. Toggle to “Add fingering mode” using a keyboard shortcut.
  3. Add the fingerings using the following shortcuts:
    a) Adding a number 0-5 add the finger to the first note in the selected sequence. When the number is added, the caret moves to the next note in the sequence. In chords the lowest bass note is chosen first, working bottom up.
    b) TAB-key moves to the next note in the sequence without adding a number.
    c) “Delete backwards” -key, delete numbers added backwards.
    d) Esc ends the add fingering mode.
    e) Minus (-) adds a long guideline from the latest added number to the next.
    f) Alt+Arrow up adds a short upward guideline up in front of the next number. Like a tilted - (minus).
    g) Alt+Arrow down adds a short downwards guideline down in front of the next number.
    f) Arrow right and left moves the caret forward and backwards in the selected sequence.
    g) Shift+number adds the number above the note.
    g) Ctrl+number adds the number below the note.

Other features:

  1. When fingering numbers are added in front of a note, the note/chord automatically makes room before the note to avoid collisions with barlines and alike.
  2. Possibility to define the normal, above and below positions.
  3. Control regarding the font for numbers.
  4. Control regarding line style and thickness for long guidelines.

Could be great - but is probably better done by hand:
(5.) Personally, I prefer to add numbers a little asymmetric to avoid collision between the visually most significant part of the numbers and the bar lines. Like this: 1 - serifs never allowed to collide with barlines, 2 - baseline never collides with barlines, 3 - The three “horizontal” parts never collide, 4 - the corners of the triangle never collide, 5 - top-line and the middle part never collide.

Finally, it would be great having a function given a shortcut key like: “Go to next one of the selected type object”. This way it would be possible to jump from one fingering to the next to check the positions.

Thanks for the suggestions, which we will bear in mind for when we come to add fingerings.