Wish list...well it is Christmas :-)

Thought that I’d start the obigatory wish list file :slight_smile:

I’m hoping that the money I’ve dropped on Cubasis is an investment in the future so thought I’d draw up a list of things I’d like to see.

I’ve been impressed by the presentation of the App and anyone who has done any sequencing in any of the Cubase family will feel at home very quickly. This should be a good productive environment however there are some tools that will need to be added before it will be any more than a sketch pad.

  • Audiobus will be top of many people list. I’d love to see it but I think there are far more pressing issues that need to be addressed to increase Cubasis utility as a sequencer.

  • No 1 for me is automation. Given the limited power on tap on a mobile device you need to be able to add some expression. With the limited sound pallet this needs to include the effects. As someone old enough to remember the arrival of Cubase Audio it seems quite strange to have audio implementation without the advanced midi editing for which Cubase became famous.

  • Some basic editing of the on board sampled instruments linked to automation. You really need to be able to get as much sonic variation as possible from this limited resource.

  • A keyboard sample player. iOS is great for sampling other synths and dropping them into a simple sample player to increase the range of sounds on board. An ADSR envelope and a filter add a lot of mileage. I’d like to see a simple synth but it comes down the list.

  • An improved implementation of App to App midi. It’s always dificult to tell where the problems lie but it looks as if Cubasis midi implementation if problematic with some standard iOS background Apps.

  • an improvement of the Amp models

  • make sure touch GUI is robust. I’ve noticed it getting unresponsive when editing in the piano roll screen.

There loads of other little bits and pieces that I’d like to see but these would go a long way to allowing the power of that interface to be harnesed for creative use.

Feel free to add your thoughts…

Hi Skipp,

Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

I would like to see the use of marker tracks incorporated. That would make this app the ideal for exporting stems from Cubase and playing along with your backing tracks in a live situation. The markers would give you the ability to quickly repeat or jump to any section of the song during live performances. The next step after that would be to add a set list screen allowing you to move quickly between songs. For me, that would complete the cycle.
Cubasis – Song idea
Cubase/Nuendo – Fully produced song
Cubasis – Live Performance

I agree regarding Audiobus. It’s also not the most important thing for me. Things I’d like to see improved:

  • better usability of the piano roll editor. It’s just hard for me to do what I want to do. Selections get lost while trying to drag and so on and so on. And yes, I have zoomed in and yes, I have adjusted the grid to what I want.
  • more instrument choice and I’d really not like to be recharged here. I already own Halion 4 and have the Halion Sonic instruments. I’d rather like to be able to transfer them somehow to Cubasis rather than paying for another in-app purchase.
  • some programmability of the instruments: adsr envelopes, lfos etc.
  • cc midi controller programming (filters etc.)
  • automation curves.
  • midi plugins (argpeggiator, etc.)
  • chord tracks like in Cubase 7 with some of the new associated midi plugin goodness. That would be really helpful for a portable software where you don’t want to program everything out, but just to sketch ideas.
  • some sampler functionality.


Is there a drum editor in Cubasis ? (like in Cubase)

If not, it would be good to have it to edit drums parts … better than key editor I think



midi cc and sysex support will be nice.
also a midi or file import from cubase to cubasis.


great app so far, but …
I would like to see something like the Groove Agent One, a List-Editor, automation, Audiobus-support, a channelstrip…
One more question: does Cubasis use some kind of VST-Interface - is it possible for third party developers to develop plug ins for Cubasis?

After buying and having a little play around this evening there’s a few things lacking.

Time stretch for audio??

The ability to import a folder via wifi rather than just individual samples one by one.

Drum sampler/ Sampler.

Basic synth would be nice too.

how about full MIDI editing?

  • Midi time warping
  • note/score, drum and list editor
  • stretching Midi regions

I mean Cubase on Atari could do more - 20 years ago, on a much less powerful device …

can it be so hard to get a reasonable up-to-date Midi sequencer up and running on the most wide spread tablet device?


My prefs/ suggestion order:

Midi clock ( or start?, is clock implemented or just not sending start?) can’t sync with funkbox
Ability to record audio from iPad synths into a track
Audio stretch
Midi cc’s

Great interface design and usability by the way.

The lane audio editor concept for comping from multiple takes would be a very useful addition. Unless I missed something that’s already there?