Wish List

I don’t know if a topic like this is allowed or if it would help you guys from Dorico.
Maybe you already know exactly what is on first place of your priority list.
So please erase this topic if you think it’s too stupid.
Otherwise I thought it would be maybe a good idea if we could post what we wish us the most for the next version :wink:
It’s not meant to be a long list of everybody with 100 wishes but just like 1 wish what we would really need.

Hi Jazzification,
if you search this Forum for ‘Wish’ or ‘Wish list’ you will get lot’s of entries.
People are expressing their wishes all the time.
For Dorico 3 I am quite sure, that all choices have been made already. The team is always following the Forum, so feel free to post your wishes.
I hope that some of my wishes have made it on the probably extremely long list …

As Heiko says, you should feel free to post your wishes, but I don’t want some sprawling wish list thread with hundreds of suggestions from dozens of different users.