Wish list

This is a small wish list for the next Dorico update. I would like to say again how happy I am with this amazing software and also appreciate this wonderful and helpful forum and fellow Dorico users!

  1. Check elapsed time: This is a really useful feature I would love to have, the ability to select multiple bars and see how long they last. Seriously the only feature I miss from Finale…

  2. Aleatoric Boxes. I know there are few solutions and workarounds, but an official tool would be amazing.

  3. Invisible Noteheads and Clusters. Again, fairly easy to achieve, but could be already natively integrated.

  4. Quater tones accidentals could have already built-in the reverse flat and “thin” sharp, which are to my knowledge more commonly used than the accidentals provided.

  5. The ability to hide rests also from percussion instruments.

  6. When changing instruments, the ability to completely delete the text shown, not just the “change to” or “to” prefixes.

  7. It would be useful for the built-in fermata to have in the properties panel the option not to be shown on all staves in the score.

  8. And unless I missed that one, the ability to have a shortcut for summoning the properties panel!

You can set the Custom Text for an Instrument change to a space.

Command 8 will summing the Properties panel.

Thank you- but the new instrument’s name still shows up, without the ability to delete it (unless I, of course, change the name of the instrument in Setup to blank, which I don’t want to do).

Sorry- possible in Engrave mode, just found it out.

As a related request, I know I’ve requested this before, but I’d still really like to have a “late” instrument change instead of “early.” In Jazz, Broadway, etc., the change is almost always at the entrance of the new instrument, not at the end of the previous. Putting the change at the entrance of the new instrument helps draw attention to the change (in case the player spaces out) as there is often a key signature change there too for transposing instruments. Just as it doesn’t really make sense for rests to have a dynamic unless it is a cue (I can’t play a whole rest f or p) it doesn’t really make sense for the instrument change to occur during bars of rest either. I can rest holding a saxophone, flute or taiko gong, the instrument doesn’t matter as it’s still a rest. The important element is the next entrance, which is where the change should occur. As there’s not really a good workaround for this that I know of, I’d love to see this get implemented, so something like this is possible:

I agree, a possibility for late instrument changes would be great for switching between transposing instruments! It’s easy to make a mistake with the key signature, if it was changed already at the end of the last passage.

But are instrument changes notated in the ”default dorico way” in the classical repertuoire?

I’ll have to investigate more, but here’s a page of the score to Bernstein’s “West Side Story,” published by Boosey & Hawkes.

It certainly isn’t doing it the “default Dorico way.”

I agree, it would be nice to be able to set the number of measures one wishes to have before an instrument change, say, in Layout options for each document.

Or be able to set it on a per-case basis.