Wish: selection of notes

could be great to have the possibilities to select only notes directly when we draw a rectangle with the mouse:

  • draw rectangle with mouse → select all
  • [Ctrl] + draw rectangle with mouse → select only notes
    To avoid to use filter
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Just to clarify what you mean: you want a way to create a marquee selection by dragging out a rectangle, but only select notes, rather than any other items that you may enclose in the rectangle?

It’s really a small thing. For the moment when we select notes

So as the [ctrl] is free it could be great to use it as option to select only notes when we draw a rectangle without to filter after and have directly propreties:

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You can assign a shortcut to the Filter’s commands. Dorico can use a succession of key strokes to activate commands. So I use:
Command F , followed by N to Filter Notes;
Command F , followed by L to Filter Lyrics;
Command F , followed by D to Filter Dynamics;

… and so on

The Filter is a very powerful and quick feature. ‘Avoiding it’ shouldn’t be necessary.

There’s also the Jump Bar.


@benwiggy thank you for the reply. JI didn’t know the last two shortcuts
I uses the fisrt one ,for the moment Ctrl+Alt+N… to do filter.
But sometimes it’s good to work upstream (before) without triggering filters.
It’s like if in another register, you write notes and Dorico writes A#: you can make a shortcut to change to Bb, but sometimes you’re happy to predict and have Bb directly…
but actually my wish is minimal ( and as the [Crtl] is not use, why not

But your request is just another filter! “Make a marquee selection and extract just the notes…” Or have I misunderstood?


Boo! I am misunderstood!
[google traduction]:
In fact I think it’s just a problem of neural logistics of my brain : sympathize! haha!

if I have a lot of nails, screws and bolts and I have to take only the screws, I sort it out in my head and my hand will pick the screws. I’m not going to take it all and throw away what I don’t need ie nails and bolts.
In the present case of my request by pressing the [ctrl] key before using the mouse, I initially tell him to choose only the notes. For me, it’s one operation less.
In a pile of scrap, I take a vacuum cleaner to take everything, but a magnet to take only the iron.

I don’t speak English well and maybe I didn’t understand your explanations. Let’s forget this request which has no followers.
I love forums, sometimes it goes into a spin for nothing at all and it’s me who started this nothing at all… my apologies: it’s time of my Magnesium
best regards

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I do sympathize.
But please take a little moment to consider the “sequential commands” that have been described by Ben. Dorico is the first software I use this kind of commands with, and I find them VERY effective because they do not cost brains work to memorize. Cmd-F for filter, then release everything and type N for notes, or B N (for bottom notes) or T N (for top notes), or D for dynamics, or L for lyrics… It might seem one operation more, but since it’s quite transparent in the effort of learning shortcuts, it’s worth it, and has proved highly efficient in my workflow for several years now…


Select More is equivalent to selecting just the screws. A marquee selection isn’t; it’s akin to grabbing the whole toolkit.