Wish there was a short-list or a flagging/tagging feature in the Steinberg VST preset browsers

As the title says, I often wish Cubase had more flagging/tagging/list capabilities in the VST preset browser. This evening I was auditioning dozens of presets in Groove Agent 5, and the only practical way I have to keep some sort of a short-list of candidates is a notepad. Yes, I could change the star rating or manually type in an entry in the keywords column, but both of these are impractical.

As a design reference, I find the preset browser in u-he products like Diva and Zebra 2 to be much easier to use mostly because there are a bunch of favorites lists you can use. My ideal workflow would be the ability to create a list with a custom name and then easily drag presets to these lists. The lists would be saved within the VST instrument configs so they would be available between different projects.

If that couldn’t be done, it would be incredibly useful to have a single short list per instrument that you could use as a buffer when combing through presets, even if this didn’t carry between projects.


are we talking about the browser of a specific plugin or about the mediaBay?

Perhaps you’ll find this post useful

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This is what I had in mind to share too, however it isn’t clear from the OP if we’re talking about the mediaBay or the plugin browser, because in this case we cannot edit user defined attributes (in this window and if I’m not mistaken).

I figured the odds were 50/50 it would be a fit.

Sure, why not? :smiley:

I’m mostly talking about the preset browsers in individual Steinberg plugins that share the familiar characteristics shown in the screenshots. I see some of these hybridize with the MediaBay. As a side-note, I wish the UI was a little more uniform between these. Predictability is always appreciated in UI.

I will check this out and loop back here if it does the trick for my workflow. Thank you for sharing.

The source of my “I wish they were uniform” comment:

This is the new form of the mediaBay, I’ve seen it in Padshop and Retrologue as well and I guess all included VSTs will get this new form in the future.