Wishes for upcoming updates?


Is there somewhere you want wishes written down for coming updates from us users? I have a few things I’d LOVE to see in the upcoming updates - and I wonder if you want that written in a special place.

Thanks for awesome program.

AFAIK There is no special place. Just fire away.

While Dorico’s potential is already impressive :clap:t2:, these would make me switch from Sibelius:

  • MusicXML import of (string) fingerings (Sib does this, suggesting it’s not a MusicXML issue, but rather Dorico)
  • ability to nudge individual (string) fingerings left and right a little, as it’s sometimes needed in some dense music, not just up/down and inside/outside slurs, globally

I have hundreds of titles of string music (concertos, sonatas, pieces, études, etc) on thousands of pages, and I’m not about to re-enter all the fingerings.

Thank you for a great 1.2 otherwise! :+1:t3:

Sorry to jump the gun… but:

Slash and Rhythmic Notation implemented in that special Dorico way.

Navigation signifiers- Coda, D.S. Al Coda etc

Oh I would be so happy if they were in the next update.

StringLibrary, it’s been made clear previously that Sibelius doesn’t EXPORT figerings correctly in MusicXML files, though Finale does, so even if Dorico sorted out the import side of things you’d be stuck.

See https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=127944&p=693600&hilit=Fingering#p693600

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

Dorico in fact does already import fingerings from MusicXML, provided they’re properly encoded, but alas they are not properly encoded in MusicXML files exported from Sibelius. We didn’t have time to work on heuristics to try to work out which things are meant to be fingerings for this most recent release, but we could have a go at trying to detect them in the future – though I can’t say when that might be.

Thank you for your helpful replies re: (string) fingering. I will petition Sibelius accordingly… Resolving that would be a game changer for me

Daniel (and team), thank you for your tireless work previously on Sibelius and now on Dorico! :clap:t2::+1:t3:

  • string divisi staves

  • a larger collection of symbols to use on top of notes

  • import svg graphics in write mode and decide if they show in score and/or parts

  • make the graphic interface faster; when dragging the page around, it could be smoother

  • clarify the player/part setup in setup mode. For instance, if you have two actual players sharing a single staff, you have to use a ‘single’ player and rename the ‘instrument’ (e.g. 2 flutes or flute 1 and 2, etc). Perhaps I just need to get used to this behaviour… as long as it enables me to do what I want!

  • glissandi notations suitable for contemporary music (gliss lines underneath stemlets with no noteheads so that gliss duration can be fully specified and cross barlines)

  • quarter-tone playback and alternative notation (reverse flat sign and quarter-tone sharp sign, no arrows)

Those last two can be done, by the way.

I’d like to see midi control message lanes in playback mode.

Doesn’t have to be fancy, just the ability to add a lane to a track and then add the information manually with a pencil which is already in Play.

Bonus if some the cc messages can be integrated with the write mode (with the ability to manually tweak everything to add a human touch).

Cheers, and Merry Christmas everyone!

Ok here comes mine:

  • Rhytmic slashes
  • Codas and such
  • Repeat bar signs
  • TAB-writing for guitar
  • chord diagrams for guitar

What do we want? – Full support for Thuringian Noseflute!
When do we want it? – Now!

LSalgueiro can you explain how? :slight_smile:

Ok, so this is maybe not at the top of the list of the Dorico development team, but let me say it anyway.

I love the functionality of the mixer - the ability to insert effects on individual instruments, the ability to make the mixer smaller or wider, hide / show instruments, FX, etc. That is significantly better than, for example, Sibelius.

But – the interface is pretty terrible. I love the automatic coloring of tracks, but that is where the love ends!

This is the current mixer.

To quote Simon Cowell, “it’s a no for me”.

To show you some alternatives, here’s a snapshot from my mixer in Reaper. This particular was developed by a guy called “Alberto”, based in Spain. Reaper has several unique features, one of them being that user can independently develop “skins” or user interfaces. This is Alberto’s PT 2.0 theme. It is losely based on the GUI of Pro Tools.

Much better, wouldn’t you agree? And if you want to really want to go wild, there’s a guy in the UK called “White Tie”, a professional graphical designer, who came up with this theme for Reaper. It is too bad this forum only allows posts of up to 640x280, you should see it in the original HD on a large screen.

To be truthful, the White Tie theme has too much information and detail for me, I greatly prefer the Alberto theme which is very clean. But just to give you some ideas.

I’m fine with the way notation is developing - my requests are all very much on the playback side of things.

  1. Swing / metric modulation
  2. Repeats playing back
  3. Trills playing back
  4. Ability to set volume for individual voices within instruments

Thanks and Happy Christmas to all who make this forum one of the best there is.

A glissando line can be attached to any two selected notes, not just between adjacent ones. Select the two notes you want and add a glissando line. Then, you need only to hide the noteheads of the values in between by selecting them and setting their Color property to 0% opacity.

As for the microtones: Dorico makes use of the glyphs recommended by Gould, but Bravura implements some 20-odd different types of microtones. You’re looking for the Stein-Zimmermann set. To swap the glyphs, you need to edit the 24-EDO temperament — or create a new one. Edit the adequate accidentals. Delete the selected accidental, find the Stein-Zimmermann set in the Range dropdown, select the appropriate glyph and add it. Do this for the glyphs you need. Remember you need to have an Atonal key signature in place in order to properly use tuning systems with the octave divided in other than 12 parts!

Please add more options for expression maps, especially being able to switch between midi channels for different expressions like Cubase can. For example, with the EW Play engine many patches aren’t set up with keyswitches. I do have a workaround, but it would be cleaner if this was enabled.

Thanks, LSalgueiro. Will try that! Quarter-tones still won’t playback, will they?

No, not yet.

+1 for string divisi on multiple staves. Also would like to see a less convoluted way of dealing with starting new flows on the same page than having to add multiple music/text frames in each part.

Other than that, I have to say it’s brilliant and I have now officially abandoned Sibelius in favour of Dorico for 99% of my work.