Wishful thinking: repeat signs and multiple lines of lyrics in parts only

In Musicals songs with a typical verse-chorus structure it is frequent to have repeated passages for the lyrics.
In such cases the use of repeat signs and multiple lines of lyrics is very usefull.
But most of the time the full score will not have such repeated passages.
In order to print lyric parts with repeat signs and multiple lines of lyrics you have then to create a separate project for the lyrics only.

Is it completely utopian to imagine that one day Dorico could manage this and within one project the full score would be without repeat signs and multiple lines of lyrics but other layouts could have them?

It might be possible to wangle a situation in which the full score has an additional flow inserted where the vocal part repeats, but there would be the problem of blocking the repeat barlines in the full score. The second stanza lyrics could perhaps be colored white in the full score so they did not show up.

It does represent an intriguing layout challenge, and a built-in solution would likely be far, far down the roadmap.

I could have used such a feature yesterday. For example, songs where you change the accompaniment, and hymns with different accompaniment. The singing is the same except for lyrics (i.e. verses). But the accompaniment varies from verse to verse.

Yes, trying to think about how this could be done brings my imagination to its limits!
On the other side aren’t Dorico and similar programs doing wonders sometimes?

I am interested to know if the Dorico team ever thought about such a feature.
I do think it would be very usefull.