Wishing for a general HIDE-FUNCTION (want to hide clef after divisi in the middle of page)

Hi there,
I’ve got the following problem: I have a divisi in the middle of the page and I want to have particular clefs (in this example I always write contrabassi 8vb - this by the way would be fantastic if one could set this as a standard somewhere, to define in general: always write this or that clef for this or that instrument).
So the only solution for me was to write this clef manualy in the first bar of the piece. But then If I create a divisi later, dorico adds a new line and renews the manually changed clef again.
The only work around that I found is to make at the begining of the movmenet many divisis, then copy the clef everywhere and then deleting the divisis again, but thats a bit of an annoying workaround. (does anybody know a more easy one?)

So I would wish, Dorico could just add for the new update a general “Hide this object” function which works for EVERY object. I think its fully ok, that a score writing program is not able to adapt to every single notation problem right away, but I think what would make it much easier for people wanting to use unconventional notations like in contemporary music or solving very special situations, if one could just hide EVERY object, as one already can do for rests, playing techniques etc.
It would safe tons of time and make it more comfortable to use, as one doesn’t have to search and learn always a different workaround for each single situation.

Thanks so much!

Try changing the Clef with the Clef and Transposition Overrides feature instead of inserting an explicit clef. Note that this is Layout dependent so will need to be done in both the score and the part.

This has been requested MANY times - going back to 2016!



It sure has… :wink: