Wishing for Unlimited Mix Snapshots (suggestion for future update)

Anyone else think having the ability to have unlimited mixer snapshots would be a great addition? Currently you can only have 10 (cubase 12 pro)

Reason being, i tend to write huge “music diaries” before I work to picture, and would be great to be able to mix each of my compositions individually within the project, without using automation or MIDI expression…

EG i create a piece of music, give it a marker, finish that track, move along a few bars, create new marker, write a new piece, and so on… I can easily have up to 1hr of individual pieces / drafts and would be great to recall a mix for each one, rather than be limited to 10…



Add the feature-request tag, please.

This would be awesome, but only if Automation would be included. As it is today, this feature is mostly useless to a lot of people unfortunately, as it messes (or not) with your automation.