Wishlist for the next Cubasis Update

Hey Developers,

so far so good you got me fully addicted to Cubasis. However i would like to have some more features. In this post i will sort them with priority from topdown.

  1. Stable Ableton Link with Windows 11 - currently Cubasis is loosing signal like every 2 Minutes.
  2. The ability to export only the selected Midi Track as Midi (midi mixdown) or the function to select a track number/trackname in the mixdown export menu.
  3. A better Cubasis Sampler - the current sampler is okayish, but there is no loop functionality or other things like chorus, reverb, pitch corrections, loop blends, attack ratios or attack variations
  4. a Inbuild Video player - i currently use AUV Video player Auv3 but how long will it maintained?
  5. A Piano Roll Overlay - what i mean is that i can select multiple Midi tracks and overlay the others that i dont edit.
  6. Piano Roll: the ability for fast drawing of arps… drawing multiple notes with a specific lenght.
  7. More highend Instruments aka Iconica Sketch
  8. Halion 7+ full support
  9. VST3 Support - There is a tool called Decent Sampler its cross platform Linux, Mac, Windows, Ios → maybe you can figure out how to make it work in similar Fashion.
  10. Ableton Link for Cubase 13 in order to sync between the world.
  11. Dolby Atmos Support
  12. Tempo Track support
  13. Markers on the timeline.

Even when this list seem long. I truly love Cubasis, because it is possible to really compose really good sounding Trailer Scores. Right now Ableton Live is the best Companion for Cubasis because of a working sync function - i hope one day i can say, Cubase is the best Companion… with that beeing said good work.

Hi @alexsMusicComps

Re. 1:
We are unaware about Ableton Link issues with Cubasis. Please create a separate topic, and make sure to include the exact steps how to reproduce the issue and what happens exactly (does an error occur, does Ableton Link reports that there is no longer a connection, or does sync just stop)?


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Hey Lars

i will edit the text above. I was able to figure out what the reason was for constant loosing signals. It is windows 11 in combination with a d-Link Network Splitter. It somehow kills the signal. Putting the ipad into a 5ghz wifi network also helped to make it more stable. It’s now crashing or loosing signal once in 15 minutes which is okayish. I will make a new post.

I think iCloud sync should be a priority.