Wishlist : Separate Input & Output Settings

Here’s something I’d like to see on a version of Cubase soon :

Separate Input and Output settings.

Logic 9 has this ability, and it’s great so that I can still route my Edirol UA25 to the input, yet be able to use the built in audio to output (there are times when I need to hear it from a normal set of speakers, not my big boomy KRK Rokits, as nice as they are !).

Is there a chance this will be implemented ? At the moment I’m switching between the two for recording/playing :frowning:


this has something todo with the operating system. This is also possible with Cubase

Have a look here Create an Aggregate Device to combine multiple audio devices - Apple Support



For windows you can do this with asio4all drivers.

Although this is a good feature, from what I have learnt from the seminar I attended (an Apple expertise was a speaker), it is not a very “tight” implementation in terms of synchronization and timing…

Hey Chris,

After tinkering and setting up the VST Connections, i’ve got exactly what I wanted :slight_smile: It’s something I wouldn’t have known about, so many thanks.

Of course, allowing multiple ASIO drivers would do the trick as well!

The would enable using the inbult audio with Asio4all for musician foldback, rather than expensive RME channels!