Wishlist / Wunschliste / Feature Requests

Hi there,
after using Dorico for a while, I noticed a few things I miss in this great program. While I’m sure, many of these things are already part of the plans at Steinberg, some are maybe not. Other users can feel free to add things to this list. If one of the features is already there and I missed it, I will be glad if someone corrects my mistake. Also my list is in german, because my english is not good enough to be clear with some of the things.

  • Tie in 2nd ending

  • Liedtext: Silbentrennung bei Wiederholungen (ein Wort beginnt vor dem Wiederholungszeichen und endet zu Beginn der zweiten Zeile.

  • Strophennummerierung: Möglichkeit Zeilen zu überspringen und nicht nur auszublenden.

  • “Achtel=Triolen” und ähnliches im Tempotext

  • Musik-Symbole im Text (Liedtext und andere Textarten), z.B. Noten, Pausen, Dynamik etc. in einem einfach Menü zugänglich.

  • Die Optionsschalter in den Eigenschaften sollten beim Ausschalten die Werte nicht löschen sondern nur inaktiv schalten.

  • Analyse-Schriftarten: Stufen- & Funktionstheorie für den deutschen Markt. Genial wären flexible (semantische) horizontale Linien und mehrere Ebenen für verschiedene Tonarten (steuerbar wie beim Liedtext).

Here is the list via Google Translate:

  1. Lyrics: Hyphenation for repetitions (a word begins before the repeat sign and ends at the beginning of the second line.
  2. Stanza numbering: Ability to skip lines and not just hide them.
  3. “Eighth = triplets” and similar in the tempo text
  4. Music symbols in the text (lyrics and other types of text), e.g. Notes, pauses, dynamics etc. accessible in a simple menu.
  5. The option switches in the properties should not delete the values when switching off, but only switch them inactive.
  6. Analysis fonts: stage and functional theory for the German market. Flexible (semantic) horizontal lines and several levels for different keys would be ingenious (controllable as with the lyrics).

Welcome to the forum, DciR. All of your requests are already under consideration for future versions. I hope you continue to enjoy using Dorico in the meantime.

I will definitly! Great news, thanks to you and your great team.