Drum extracting for drum loops.

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Stem separation doesn’t work for this already? Anyway, it sounds like there would be far easier ways to get drum samples.

Have you ever used Spectralayers? Just wondering.

Not much. I know it’s possible, but behind many bends. I wish it was just as easy as unmix stems.

Unmix components:

Unmix stems:

I guess I don’t see the advantage of what you’re trying to do over good, old-fashioned copying and pasting. You could do that in Audacity. But, then, I haven’t made loops in decades, so maybe I’m missing something…

I think that Jiiass is looking for a feature that does similar things like in accusonus Regroover pro. I would also like to have such a feature because you can extract the elements of a drum loop for individual processing. In Spectralayers such feature would be much easier to work with than in Regroover because it has much better tools and can zoom.

Another item for the wishlist - probably discussed elsewhere - is the possibility to ”select all areas with a level above (or under) XX dB”.

It is indeed a recurring request. It would likely be implemented as another “unmix” function I guess (creating 2 layers Above Threshold/Below Threshold), as creating a complex selection like this would probably end up very messy.

Ok, thanks for replying! It would indeed be a very useful feature!

+1 to the above threshold extraction. One of the more common works is to extract the hi hats, or Kick Drums, which are fairly distinct on the mix…
So if one as user may select the upper and lower limits for each range… together with a combination with extract similar content over the timeline duration, that will ease a good portion of the tasks.

Together with the streamlined extraction of very distinct elements, like a clave or a cowbell, these are repetitive, rhythmic, an fixed in their freq dispersion.

The beauty of Regroover Pro is that disentangles the different elements of say various percussion elements, only from a very limited time lapse.