With a $199 fee, who's up for C7.5 from 6.5?

Just saw this and read about the improvements. Seems maybe justified if C7.5 delivers what it says it will deliver.

However, I think $149 is a more correct price for the upgrade from C6.5. When you consider that C7 failed from the gate and only recently turned (somewhat?) around - if I can believe the reports - with C7.0.6.

Well, what do I know about marketing and rewarding customer loyalty. :sunglasses:

I had C4 and waited until C7 was coming before upgrading to C6.5 for $199 and got C7 grace period update. :wink:

The correct price is the one that results in the desired number of sales. Which may be $149, as you say, but we won’t know until it is available for purchase.

Jaslan - ?

According to the Steinberg ‘Buy It Now’ upgrade page, it will be available on December 4 and the price is $199, upgrading from C6.5.5 to C7.5. Which is why I said what I said. I think $149 is the right price considering the issues that arrived and remained with most of C7’s life cycle.

Which is why I said what I said. If they want $500 for the upgrade, and it produces the sales they want, then $500 is the correct price. If they have to lower the price to $5 to produce the sales they want, then $5 is the correct price.

Anyway, to answer your subject named question, I think I will still be sticking with C6.5. Of course, I will give the trial a go but I don’t see it persuading me to give up my money.


Hm, OK, I understand. However, even if the world was coming to an end, I do not believe Steinberg would offer C7.5 for $5. :stuck_out_tongue:

I, too, am rather stuck on C6.5.5 at present.

If it’s like the 6, 6.5 - 7 upgrade (which it sounds like it is), 6- 7.5 will be $249 and 6.5 - 7.5 will be $199.

At some point it should drop - when I went from 5LE to 6.5 it was $149…and then 7 came out like months later. Good timing I guess.

For now I’ll stick with 6.5.3. For $149 I could maybe be talked into moving on up but I think it’s best to wait and see how the upgrade goes for others.

If you fancy to use 7.5 why not just buy Cubase 7 UD1 or UD2 now you still can.
In my country I can buy the UD1 for €115,- and UD2 for €179 and that’s even with 21% tax included :wink:

Exactly, get the old upgrade from a third party vendor and get the 7.5 update for free because of the grace period :slight_smile:

I’ll be sticking with 6.5.5. At least for now.

Price is too high to be a justifiable expense for me at this time.


i dont care about the price as much tbh, i do however care about the fixes, once i see them i would decide.

I’m out of luck, the artist 6.5 to artist 7 update is nowhere to be found outside of the steinberg shop, which already has its prices adjusted to account for 7.5 it seems.

Oddly, the price shown to me is £162 which is roughly equal to 265$ or 195e. Not the same as OP.


OK, it’s here. It’s the typical knee jerk reaction, will let the dust settle and see what is really working and what is not. Gads, it’s like a fever on the C7 forum right now, ha! :laughing:

Anyway, I assume the trial download will show up in a week or so and then I’ll give it a go. Good for Steinberg, I hope you have a winner. :sunglasses: