With all this clutter going on - how can I buy your software?

I should be thankful to the large number of undos… I guess…

Dorico doesn’t stop you from producing terrible results if you tell it to. Try reducing the number of systems on the page.

What have you been doing with the Staff Spacing tool?

We can’t learn much from a picture except “it looks a mess”, but you know that already.

If you attach the project, most likely there is a simple explanation.

I’m going to wager there’s a “wait for next frame break” going on here. Any takers?

Neither will easily produce such a result on its own I think, but a combo might very well do it.

Let’s see the project …

The fact that staves are hanging off the page indicates that the staff spacing tool has been used, probably with the mistaken notion that dragging staves around will force Dorico to move system(s) onto different pages. This is Sibelius behaviour but it has never been Dorico behaviour (and isn’t advertised as such).

i love satire. do you have more?
[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 6.24.20 PM.png[/attachment]